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Our Mission

Amazon Community Foundation

The rainforest plays a critical role in preserving the delicate equilibrium of our planet's climate. Overtaking the whole continental United States in size, the Amazon rainforest is the biggest and most biodiverse tropical rainforest on Earth. It is home to one-third of the planet's plant and animal species and provides one-fifth of the planet's freshwater supply.

For a long time, the misery of the Amazon was primarily ignored by the rest of the world, and even more so were the people living in the Amazon. ACF was born on the desire to provide the Amazon people an option to create sustainable living options that do not involve cutting trees, burning the forest, or working with companies and farmers, but instead, educate and help the local communities to discover innovative ways to live in the Amazon without destroying it. The Amazon rainforest is vital to the physical and cultural well-being of more than 400 indigenous groups.

It is easy to say that the Amazon needs to remain intact when you live far away and access your every need. However, those born in the Amazon often need to live off the forest or use their land to provide for their families.

"The Amazon people love and respect the forest and want to keep it safe. They will always choose to keep it as long as they have options to provide for their communities”. Camila Saunier – Co-Founder

In 2020, more than 28 million people were estimated to reside within the Legal Amazon area in Brazil. Since 1970, the resident population in the region has nearly quadrupled. The Amazon rainforest is vital to the physical. Yet, there are more than 4.1 million people in Amazonas. According to government data, only 14.95 percent of them are served by a sewage system that is either treated or not.

"Our mission is to achieve true preservation of the Amazon by training and empowering the local communities to live dignified lives through activities oriented to preserving the Amazon rainforest and biodiversity." Luciano Oliveira - Co-Founder

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Every dollar you donate goes directly to our program work, and There is no small donation.

ACF works directly with the Amazon communities providing them with necessary monetary incentives to overcome difficulties such as lack of food, water, internet access, and much more. Often we worry about the Amazon but forget that the peoples living there also need their basic needs met and that it is diifficult for them to worry about preserving their environment when they don't have the basic needs met. ACF aims to assist the communities and help educate them so that they can overcome their needs. We also work on educational and philanthropic projects causes to help the Amazon communities engage in sustainable and environmentally-safe ideas and causes that can give them a real solution to keep the amazon environment safe.

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    Help the local communities in the Amazon and make a real impact in the lives of the Amazon communities.


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    Pollution impacts all of us, including the most vulnerable people in the Amazon. Our community. Join us in our mission to reduce fire in the Amazon